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Packaging Products & Solutions:

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Take your product to the next level by creating a custom package that will protect, define and help you reach the goals you have for your business. Customization reduces waste by eliminating unnecessary handling and packing materials making it a very cost effective option. The addition of graphics to the box will enhance customer experience when done correctly. Even the simplest printing will be an opportunity to gain brand awareness and increase sales. Today’s custom runs have very reasonable minimums. There is an opportunity with every client to make small improvements that will yield big gains. Let’s work together and make it a reality.

Stock Boxes

Our pre made inventory of stock boxes is a good way to cover a wide variety of uses. A large availability of corrugated box sizes assures there is an item that will work for your products’ needs. We also carry a full line of supplies needed to cushion, protect and seal your boxes. Everything from delivery times to quantities can be reduced by using our off the shelf options.

Moving Boxes

Packing and moving are stressful, The Golden Box makes your box buying easy! All of our Moving Boxes and Moving Kits are designed to move typical household products. Different combinations of box sizes and supplies are available to meet your specific packing needs. Everything from moving tips and tricks to videos on the topics can be found here on our site. Since we make the boxes, you get the benefit of buying direct and having it shipped to your door. No more running around to different locations trying to get what you need. No more middle men or moving companies looking to resell boxes. CALL us today to place your order and we will make the rest simple.

Folding Cartons for Retail

A superb way to create a retail package using many colors, shapes and sizes — window boxes are our specialty. Folding cartons are a great product for holding small items. We offer many uses in the food industry and can combine your items to give you outstanding price advantages and very low (if any) tooling costs. From colorful retail packaging and creative design to insightful marketing ideas, our folding cartons can bring your products to new levels and make your products stand out. It’s ultimately an extension of your product and will create opportunities on many levels when done correctly. Give your products the look they deserve — they are, after all, your best sales tool. Create exceptional value for your customers. Today’s consumers expect the package to reflect what’s being merchandised inside. What’s on the box needs to reflect what’s in the box in order to build a relationship with the audience beyond the box. Folding cartons are cost effective, sustainable and can be made with water based inks on recycled board. These are just two great ways to make a difference in cost and satisfy your environmental needs at the retail level.

Partitions & Dividers

Partitions are also sometimes referred to as dividers, inserts or separators and are used to protect products of all types from damage during shipping. Partitions are either assembled or unassembled sets of fiberboard or corrugated strips which are cut, slotted and assembled to form a number of cells. These are custom made to fit current box sizes or designed from an initial concept where we can provide a box size.

Chipboard/ Fiberboard Partitions and Dividers

Partitions are ideal for both short and tall height packages when top and bottom compression strength is needed or cells are needed to prevent side impact from crushing the container. Our custom partitions will help ensure that your product arrives at its destination safely and without damage. Partitions, inserts and box dividers are suitable for multiple sized items ranging from very small cosmetic or pharmaceutical products to very tall products such as wine bottles and displays. Partitions are perfect interior packaging when a barrier is needed to prevent products from coming into contact and scuffing each other. When partitions are incorporated into shipping boxes and containers, it helps guarantee that products will arrive safely at the destination without damage. The benefits of chipboard partitions are less paper dust than corrugated partitions, tighter tolerances, reduction in box size due to thinner material and reduction of label scuffing. As a result, less space is required when assembled for shipping and storage.

Corrugated Partitions and Dividers

Partitions can also be made out of corrugated and are known as fluted dividers or simply corrugated partitions. Corrugated box partitions are ideal for taller heights, larger items and can accommodate heavier weight products. They are commonly used in the glass bottles, jars and canister industries but cover a wide range of beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical packing uses. Corrugated partitions add considerable stacking strength to any carton or container. They also have better compression properties than chipboard partitions. High quality corrugated partitions are made from a thicker and stronger paper and are available in various caliper (flute sizes) depending on the strength required. They can also be used as inside support for point of purchase displays. We will design and sample the right partition for your application using various types of materials and design features and guarantee there is a partition available for just about any use needed.  When you’re considering your packaging options and need to safely ship a product, we have everything it takes to get your product there, safe and in one piece.

Strong Hold Partitions

Strong hold partitions are often found in beverage cartons for a variety of glass and fragile products to separate and protect products from breakage during shipping and handling. They are called strong hold because they feature added extension panels on two sides with custom cutouts that align precisely with corrugated box hand holes, dramatically reinforcing them so they won’t tear. Although standard hand holes make the shipping and handling process easier, they can weaken the structural integrity of the box. But with strong hold partitions pressed flat against the inside of the box, the dual panels enhance the box’s structural integrity and durability. Strong hold partitions provide a superior, highly cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to using heavier, more costly, corrugated cartons and fiberboard carriers — protecting products from damage, streamlining the packing process, and lowering the packing and shipping costs. Strong hold partition sets usually come pre-assembled and insert easily into boxes and pop open, ready for packing.

Chipboard Packers

Chipboard packers are generally used to further separate smaller product inside of master cases. Packer cartons are usually only printed in 1 color or run plain and are made from chipboard or other fiberboard materials. They are lighter and easier to assemble than corrugated. One important factor worth noting is that packers are generally not suitable to be used as a shipper and most often used for interior packaging, the benefits are that they can be made very small and can be designed for a variety of quick fill hand assembled applications. Our packers are lightweight and easy to store compared to corrugated boxes and can be custom sized and assembled in a few seconds. Packers are easily custom printed according to customer requirements Chipboard boxes are an inexpensive method of protecting and packaging goods without compromising on quality. Often packers are used to contain small items especially in redistribution situations. The boxes are made from recycled paper which makes them a great material for environmentally friendly use.

Chipboard & Pallet Pads

The Chipboard pads are used in a variety of applications. We offer heavyweight and lightweight board for use as pallet pads or layer separators of stacked boxes. They will protect your corrugated cases and products from dirt, nails and the puncture issues commonly associated with wood pallets. Our economy lightweight chipboard pads are used to add layers between products when stacking them inside of a carton. Pads provide a layer of added protection for your product so the items do not shift into one and other. Our heavier pads are used to strengthen envelopes and mailers preventing the items inside from being bent or damaged. Pads can be added to the top and bottom of a corrugated box to prevent the product inside from being cut into with razor knives upon opening. Often made from recycled board materials these pads are very cost effective. This product is made from recycled paper.

Point-of-Purchase Displays & Folding Cartons for Retail

A point of purchase (POP) display-sometimes referred to as a point of sale (POS) display — is a product stand that includes items for sale, strategically placed near a checkout counter, cash register, end cap or kiosk. For advertising, marketing and trade shows, a POP display can be used to exhibit cutaways of products, brochures, or a line of products or materials. Another effective form of POP display, is a custom die-cut, 4-color printed folding carton that frequently features litho laminating and/or ultraviolet (UV) coating that can act as both a shipping container and then converts into an effective POP display. Golden Box provides you with a one-stop source of complete customized POP solutions from product inception, prototype development, through to production of the final custom package.

Custom Foam Packaging

Custom foam box inserts for packaging and shipping give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve. Golden Box offers a wide variety of applications for the organization and protection of the components of your shipping boxes. Custom foam packaging protects the fragility of your product during handling and transportation, cushioning against vibration and protecting the product from impact that can occur during shipping. Custom foam packaging can come in the form of polyurethane, polyethylene, expanded polystyrene (EPS). The Golden Box works with you on recommendations to design and manufacture custom foam inserts that meet your specifications, and we can also provide the corrugated shipping boxes for a complete solution.

Vacuum-Formed Plastic

Vacuum forming is a simplified version of thermoforming, whereby a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mold, and forced against the mold by a vacuum (suction of air). The vacuum forming process can be used to make a wide variety of product packaging. Vacuum-formed plastic gives your retail products optimal display value, anti-pilferage security and ideal space usage. We work with you to design, develop, and produce custom thermoformed packaging for applications (requiring .010 – .125-gauge plastic) that will enhance, protect, and help sell your products.

Injection-Molded Foam

Injection-molded foam produces a soft foam packaging product that eliminates the need for die-cutting and compression molding, as it manufactures the foam and the product simultaneously. Foams from this process are closed-cell, meaning they are waterproof and resist mold, mildew, and bacteria from entering the material. The cross-linking of the foam cells makes the foam strong and durable with high tear and tensile strength. The injected compound is not foam until an endothermic reaction in a hot mold activates the blowing agents, resulting in an expanded foam part. When the part “self-ejects” from the mold at the end of the cycle, it grows to the required part size. Injection-molded foam allows for geometric shapes without needing complex tooling, allowing for a lighter product with more efficient production.

Custom Printed Tape

With environmentally friendly ink systems and our in-house graphic arts department, we offer far more than any other company that provides printed adhesive tape or any other custom printed packaging tape. Our exclusive ink systems allow us to print on a wide variety of pressure sensitive tapes, without the need for adding a release coating that will negatively affect the environment. The cores we provide are made from 100% recycled paper and our water activated tapes are made from recycled paper and printed with water based inks. Whether its Polypropylene Tapes, PVC, Masking, Filament, Flatback, or Gummed reinforced water-activated paper, our tape vendors manufacture only the finest quality controlled products in the market today.