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Great packaging reflects and amplifies what’s IN THE BOX — meaning your product(s). That is why every packaging strategy we develop starts with an understanding of your product, its core value proposition within the marketplace and the target audience(s) you are trying to reach.


Successful packaging starts an engaging relationship and an impactful brand experience. What’s ON THE BOX becomes the gateway to what’s inside the box and is vitally important to effectively and efficiently amplify your product’s value to consumers.


Once you have clearly defined what’s in and on the box, it is important to pay attention to what exists OUTSIDE THE BOX. Effective packaging needs to address vital market questions like; “how it is distributed”, “how is it displayed on store shelves”, and “how it is received by customers”.

100 Years of Packaging Expertise:

The Golden Box is a one-stop resource for all types of boxes, packaging and shipping supplies. Our 360Β° Packaging Process helps to define your product by understanding what is In the Box, On the Box and Outside the Box. This formula helps establish a deep understanding of not just your product, but the market the product competes in. The Golden Box can help you dramatically increase sales and strengthen your overall brand success by using the packaging for brand messaging, product value proposition and customer engagement.

Packaging Products:

  • Custom Corrugated Boxes
  • Stock Boxes
  • Moving Boxes
  • Folding Cartons for Retail
  • Partitions & Dividers
  • Strong Hold Partitions

Industry Solutions:

  • Consumer Products
  • Food Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Start-Up Packaging
  • Building Supplies

Business Solutions:

  • Prototype Packaging Samples
  • Breakage & Damage Control
  • Shipping Efficiency
  • Pallet Configuration
  • Kit Assembly/Fulfillment
  • Pick & Pack