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Thinking “In The Box”

DISCOVERY: Who came up with the idea? What is your product? What is the name? Where is it being made? When did this all happen? Why did you want it to be known as that? How did it come to be and how do you see it out in the world? Tell me what it accomplishes and the need you feel it fills? What is the vision for your product and where do you see it going?

Key questions that help define your product, its core value proposition and the optimal market and target audience to drive your success.

Thinking “On The Box”

BRIANSTORMING: Does whats on the box give a good sense of what is inside? Does it present itself correctly to match the product inside or is it telling the world something different? Is there alignment? If what is being portrayed on your package (the words and pictures) is not in line with the action (your product) inside, your customers will quickly experience a disconnect. If they believe they are buying or consuming one thing, yet they are getting another, it is misleading. People can tell when they are being deceived. It will prevent you from building trust with the customer.

Vitally important questions and considerations that help shape the functional nature of your package and how it amplifies the value proposition of your product.

Thinking “Outside The Box”

THE BIGGER VISION: This is the HOW of your product. Once you have clearly defined whats inside and on the box you can think and address that which lies beyond the box. What do you want it to do? How are people going to get your product? How will you reach and distribute it to your customers. Will you go direct to the consumer? Will you bring it to local distributors? Does it travel via internet orders, retail stores or wholesale warehouses? Does it need to be unitized on pallets for bulk sales or drop shipped one at a time? How does it fit into all the needs of those who MUST carry your product out into the world in order to be successful?.

Executing on these answers can make the difference as to whether or not your product ever makes it into the marketplace and how it engages customers when it does.