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Innovative Packaging Solutions:

Custom Foam Packaging

Custom foam box inserts for packaging and shipping give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve. Golden Box offers a wide variety of applications for the organization and protection of the components of your shipping boxes. Custom foam packaging protects the fragility of your product during handling and transportation, cushioning against vibration and protecting the product from impact that can occur during shipping. Custom foam packaging can come in the form of polyurethane, polyethylene, expanded polystyrene (EPS). The Golden Box works with you on recommendations to design and manufacture custom foam inserts that meet your specifications, and we can also provide the corrugated shipping boxes for a complete solution.

Vacuum-Formed Plastic

Vacuum forming is a simplified version of thermoforming, whereby a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mold, and forced against the mold by a vacuum (suction of air). The vacuum forming process can be used to make a wide variety of product packaging. Vacuum-formed plastic gives your retail products optimal display value, anti-pilferage security and ideal space usage. We work with you to design, develop, and produce custom thermoformed packaging for applications (requiring .010 – .125-gauge plastic) that will enhance, protect, and help sell your products.

Injection-Molded Foam

Injection-molded foam produces a soft foam packaging product that eliminates the need for die-cutting and compression molding, as it manufactures the foam and the product simultaneously. Foams from this process are closed-cell, meaning they are waterproof and resist mold, mildew, and bacteria from entering the material. The cross-linking of the foam cells makes the foam strong and durable with high tear and tensile strength. The injected compound is not foam until an endothermic reaction in a hot mold activates the blowing agents, resulting in an expanded foam part. When the part “self-ejects” from the mold at the end of the cycle, it grows to the required part size. Injection-molded foam allows for geometric shapes without needing complex tooling, allowing for a lighter product with more efficient production.

Prototype Packaging Samples

The creation of comps, mock-ups, prototypes and samples can be powerful sales tools that have historically been cost-prohibitive for most companies. The Golden Box’s unique sampling service will allow you to mock up samples that will illustrate different form factors, color palettes and design options, without having to print thousands of labels, shrink sleeves or folding cartons that will inevitably need changes. We can create a realistic sample(s) that clearly represents the final product and helps eliminate any design errors or potential print problems before investing in your production run.

Breakage Protection

What good is a brilliant product design if it is broken upon arrival. Breakage creates a slew of problems including logistical issues with retailers, customer dissatisfaction and bad brand reputation. That is why protection is one of the key elements in the development of every Golden Box packaging solution — how can we successfully package and present your product while protecting in throughout distribution and retail.

Shipping Efficiency

With 40 years’ experience in the packaging industry, the Golden Box expertise will save you money and ensure you achieve optimal efficiency in how your product is shipped, distributed and placed on the shelf. In an industry where every square inch counts, proper utilization of space, appropriate sizing and the use of the right materials can have a dramatic effect of the success of your product.

Kit Assembly

The Golden Box’s commitment to quality and customized solutions allows us to help identify and provide assembly line operations that will meet your product’s exact specifications. We can provide optimized kit assembly solutions for products like medical diagnostic kits, travel kits, gift packages, first aid kits, cosmetic gift packs and corporate media kits to name a few. We provide operational support like collating, gluing, ink-jet printing, and due to our flexible and scalable staff, we have the ability to work on projects that require anywhere from two to 200 people and provide full program management, including the fulfillment and distribution of your completed kits. The high volume of business we carry out each year allows us to leverage contracted labor and freight at highly reduced rates, providing our customers with the lowest total cost.

Structural Design

From automotive packaging to cosmetic packaging, and all things in-between, our short run custom printed box solutions are attractive, affordable, and expedited to your front door! We are the very first short run packaging company of our kind to provide services directly through our online ordering system. The Golden Box is capable of facilitating the most complex small batch packaging requirements that any business demands.